President Obama can’t stop smiling as he award Presidential Medal of Freedom to 21 recipients, including Abdul-Jabbar, DeGeneres, Hanks, De Niro, Springsteen and Jordan

11. 23. 16 @ 1:07am By Winner Mmaduka 0

comedian-ellen-degeneres-1Obama to award Presidential Medal of Freedom to 21 recipients

As his time in office comes to an end, President Barak Obama is making the most of things and honoring those who have inspired him.

Music legend Bruce Springsteen, basketball star Michael Jordan and actor Robert De Niro are among 21 people who will be honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House said Wednesday.

During a ceremony at the White House, he handed our 21 awards, the highest civilian honor, to many “groundbreaking” artists, actors, and athletes.

“These are folks who have helped make me who I am,” President Obama said said during the celebration in the White House East Room.

comedian-ellen-degeneres-1Among those receiving the prestigious Presidential Medal of Honor was the famous talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

To us, Ellen is an incredible host and the voice of one of the most beloved animated characters of all time, but to the President, she is an inspiration. That is a lot to live up to!

Throughout her career, she has proved how much of an impact one person can have if we “just keep swimming.” The smile on the President’s face proves just that.

comedian-ellen-degeneres-1He believes the people who are have been awarded, Ellen included, helped push America forward and helped us inspire people around the world. I can’t agree more! What do you think about Ellen getting this high honor?

If you love Ellen, you will enjoy this  video of her surprising a mom after she singlehandedly rescued a bunch of children after a bus crash.

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