Popular Transgender Sidney Starr releases sexy new photos

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Popular Transgender Sidney Starr releases sexy new photos

The 5th transgender post today…lol..pardon me, I’m just fascinated with these beings…:-). Another pic after the cut…

Sidney Starr also revealed that rumors she had relations with Tyga are not true.

“Honestly I really don’t know where that story came from,” Sidney said on the podcast.”My assistant tweeted out that MTO was going to have an exclusive, but I have a new assistant that can kinda get a bit overboard with my instagram. Let’s be real, I’ve met Tyga before. I’ve met a lot of industry people before, but one thing I do not do anymore, I do not expose. So that story was not true.

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Meanwhile Sidney’s friend Shauna Brooks showed the ladies of Lip Service that she has Tyga’s number in her phone…

Sidney stood her ground though and confirmed several times during the interview that she’s had no involvement with Tyga, although she’d like to.

“I didn’t do anything with Tyga or the groceries, but i will say if i had the chance I would like to eat those groceries, so Tyga holler at me. I’ve met you before, I’ve definitely met him before. She has his number I’m on Instagram SidneyStarrBad hit me up, I will eat the booty like groceries.

Popular Transgender Sidney Starr releases sexy new photosStill when asked whether she believes Tyga has been involved with Mia Isabella, Sidney said she wouldn’t put it past him but she doesn’t believe the ruomrs:

“You can’t put it past nobody. Don’t put it past none of these n***as. My thing is I never messed around with Tyga, if I did I would say it because I’m tipsy right now. Mediatakeout is a fake. Mia Isabella I don’t believe that though.”

Popular Transgender Sidney Starr releases sexy new photos

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