Horrible: Disturbing new footage supports no evidence of Alton Sterling holding a gun

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Alton-SterlingAlternate angle of Alton Sterling shooting emerges, appears to show he did not pull a gun on Police! (*Warning* Graphic)

Disturbing news of a Louisiana man being shot while being held down by police on the ground surfaced recently. The man that was shot was 37-year-old Alton Sterling, and he was killed by a cop who claimed the man had a gun.

The cellphone video, via The Daily Beast shows what appears to be one of the two officers plucking the gun from the right pants pocket of Alton. An earlier 48-second video, shot from the parking lot, did not include the shot of the cop taking the gun away from Sterling’spocket. R.I.P. Alton Sterling.

The first video that surfaced was filmed from the side by onlookers who captured the cops struggling with Sterling and eventually taking him down in front of a car in the parking lot of a Triple S. Food Mart. From there, one of the cops shot the man while he was down on the ground. Now, more video footage has surfaced from the store owner Abdullah Muflahi, who says Sterling’s hand was not in his pocket like the officer claimed, nor did the man have a gun in his hand at the time.

Muflahi’s video shows the two officers pulling out their guns on Sterling after exclaiming that the man was in possession of a firearm. After one officer yelled that Sterling had a gun, the other officer said “You f***ing move, I swear to god.” From there, the officers let off five shots which went into the back and chest of the 37-year-old. Muflahi spoke on what the cops did after they shot Sterling, saying “While he was laying there, the cop went inside his pocket to pull the gun out. I think they really handled it the wrong way.”

Muflahi noted that Sterling had a firearm to protect himself from thieves that may have came his way while selling CDs in front of the store, while Muflahi gave him full permission to do with no penalty.

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