Radio and TV personality Charlamagne doesn’t believe most White People will vote for Donald Trump

07. 06. 16 @ 4:27am By YAHOODS.COM 0

CharlamagneTV personality Charlamagne Tha God predicts an easy win for Hillary Clinton in the general election in November, but “what’s scary” he says, is that if Americans don’t get out the vote, Trump may very well be the next U.S. President. And by Americans needing to get out and vote, he also means white people. “Real white people don’t give a damn about no God damn, Donald Trump,” Charlamagne said in an interview released by Montreality on Tuesday, July 5. “They know Donald Trump is full of s***.”

“It’s them white n****s that Donald Trump has riled up. Those poor, white trash n*****s that drive around in big a** pickup trucks with the Confederate flag hanging on ’em. Those are the people that are supporting Donald Trump. We can beat them easily. We just gotta mobilize in November and vote against Donald Trump, period,” he followed.

The Breakfast Club co-host may be hitting on something, as Hillary Clinton has been targeting an advantage with college educated whites over the past several weeks. In a head-to-head match-up Clinton is currently leading Trump 42% to 40% overall. This according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, which has men favoring Trump [47%-34%] and women leaning more heavily towards Clinton [50%-33%]. According to Quinnipiac, Clinton leads among the college educated electorate in general, 47%-37% while Trump holds a 43%-37% lead among those without a degree; giving Clinton a 4% difference. Among whites who’ve completed a college education, Clinton does edge Trump. However, Charlamagne might be underestimating the magnitude of votes that come out of the demographic he characterizes as “white trash n*****s,” as Trump continues to dominate the overall white vote 47%-30%.

“It’s not an embarrassment of America. It’s more of an indictment of America. That’s a lot of the principles America was founded on. The hate, the bigotry, the fear-mongering. It’s like he embodies all of that,” Charlamagne told Montreality.



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