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Personal thoughts on how Media can help fight sex trafficking

Welcome to, We are starting something called #YahoodsLifeStyleCollege or University Students get cash from us.

We’ve decided to give away 1000 Canadian dollar to 3 winners starting September 1st,  2016.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is – Write a 700 words Maximum, personal thoughts on how you think Media could help combat Sex Trafficking.

Trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. At least 10 million adults and children are sold worldwide into commercial sexual slavery.

We still believe that Media could help combat sex trafficking. Your personal thoughts will help create awareness on how media can help fight this deadly industry.

Please email your personal thoughts with an email address We can reach you on. Also, your personal thoughts will be featured on This is not a random selection! We will read through every personal thought sent to us, and select the top 10 that you the readers will vote on.

Once the voting is done and we get our winners, we will contact you for your info.

The 1st person with the highest number of votes gets $500, the 2nd person gets $250 and the 3rd person gets $250.

We need 500 submissions of personal thoughts in order to do this giveaway. Please share this post with your friends and use #YahoodsLifeStyle. to get your friend to be part of this project on Twitter.

 No child, girl or woman deserve the pain the sex traffickers force them to face.

Let’s make change happen by sharing your personal thoughts!!!

Submit your personal thoughts by filling the form below. All questions are compulsory and you would not be able to submit the form without filling all entries.

Please also note that any personal thoughts, story or other writing for publication sent to Yahoods may also be reproduced in The Hoodies Magazine in the near future. Unless you specifically specify otherwise, copyright will be assumed by Yahoods.

Good luck! :-)