Watch Boyz II Men’s singer Shawn Stockman as he publicly apologizes for cheating on his wife…

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boyz-ii-men-shawn-stockmanBoyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman Publicly Apologizes For Cheating,

Shawn Stockman publicly apologizes for cheating on his wife…

“Hey, everybody. I just want to let everyone know about some things that have transpired in my personal life that apparently has been, I guess, around social media for certain people to attack people that I care about,” Stockman stated. “I’m apologizing, on record, to my wife about my infidelity. About me doing things outside of the marriage that I’m not supposed to be doing, with people who I had no business dealing with. For them to be as cavalier as to do the things that they did to try and break my family apart, I’m apologizing on record to my family and anyone else that I’ve hurt.”

According to The Root, a longer apology video was posted to Instagram, but Stockman deleted it after his followers criticized his attempt to make amends. Stockman didn’t go into detail about his infidelity, but it sounds like he may have been dealing with some possible blackmail and decided to come out and say something before things went haywire. Or, Stockman could have been talking about past cheating allegations that he finally wants to address.

In case you missed it, evidence of his past infidelity has been present on the Internet for a few years now. A young woman named Avonte “Cherie” Wright came out and said that she had been seeing Stockman before he married Jones and well afterward. She claimed that they had a spiritual marriage brought about by the singer’s Hebrew Israelite faith. She even called him her former “spiritual husband.”

“I got into the situation when I was younger,” she told the Miami New Times in 2012. “I was very insecure at the time. Sean and I were friends for 18 years, so when he introduced me into this new way of thinking and this whole new religion, I was ready to try something different. I loved him at the time. I had enough of the other woman and the whole situation, so I had to get out.”

As for Jones, Wright claimed she was left in the dark most of their relationship, including after Jones birthed twin boys with the singer in 2003.

“His wife never knew till I told her when I left,” she said. “He made me promise to focus on us and then work her into this. And it never happened. I felt so guilty that I wrote her the longest letter. They are still together and I think it’s because of the way she found out.”

With that information already out there, we’re not sure what would prompt him to publicly apologize all these years later, but it’s safe to say the clip didn’t gain him much sympathy.

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